myWorld Card Shopping

I shopped using a second myWorld Card. How do I get the Cashback?
Where do I get my Cashback Card?
Can I pay with the Cashback Card?
How do I shop using my Cashback Card at a local Partner?
How do I find myWorld Partners near me?
Is my Cashback Card in the Partner's corporate design valid at other Partners?
Will I receive Shopping Benefits when shopping at Cashback Card Partners in other countries (e.g. when on holiday)?
Does the Cashback Card have an expiration date?
What happens if my Cashback Card gets lost or stolen?
How long do I have to submit a complaint if my Cashback Card purchase has not been logged?
What can I do if a purchase has been cancelled?
My purchase was assigned to the wrong Member ID. How can I lodge a complaint about the purchase?
My purchase with the Cashback Card has still not been credited after 60 days. How can you lodge a complaint about a purchase that has not been credited?