myWorld eVoucher

What is a myWorld eVoucher?
How can I purchase and pay for a myWorld eVoucher?
Where can I find my purchased myWorld eVouchers?
I have purchased a myWorld eVoucher but it's not appearing in my profile. What can I do about this?
Does my myWorld eVoucher have an expiry date?
Where can I redeem my myWorld eVoucher?
Is my myWorld eVoucher redeemable in several countries?
Where can I check the remaining credit on my myWorld eVoucher?
Can I cancel purchases which I have made using a myWorld eVoucher?
My credit card payment for the myWorld eVoucher has failed. Why is that?
Are there any restrictions placed on the order total of a myWorld eVoucher?
I have purchased a myWorld eVoucher by mistake. Can I cancel my purchase?