Online Shopping

Blerja ime në internet u anullua pa ndonjë arsye. Si mund të paraqes një ankesë në lidhje me blerjen?
Blerja ime në internet nuk është kredituar ende pas 90 ditësh. Si mund të paraqisni një ankesë në lidhje me një blerje që nuk është kredituar?
Can I use my ad blocker while shopping online?
How do I activate cookies in my browser?
What are cookies?
What do I need to look out for when shopping online with myWorld?
What is the status of my complaint?
How do I receive my Shopping Benefits when shopping online with myWorld?
What do I do if one of my online purchases is not recorded in my purchase overview?
Which Partners will give me Cashback and Shopping Points for my orders?
Will I receive Shopping Benefits if I purchase items from an online shop that is not listed for my country?
How long do I have to submit a complaint if my online purchase has not been logged?